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    The core business of the Iskra PRO Kranj, d.o.o is production of machinery and equipment for automation of production processes.

    Tradition starts in 1952 when in Iskra Kranj began with the design and manufacture of such products primarily for their own needs. It started with design and production of tools the unit called "orodjarna" where the most appropriate facilities were available. Production volume has expanded along with company Iskra which in 1990 had together over 30,000 employees in various companies in Slovenia.

    In 1991 the separation of this unit and activity to company Iskra PRO Kranj, d.o.o. took place. The biggest challenge was adopting the open market policy. Proper orientation and high quality products has enabled a steady growth. From the initial 14 the number of employees increased to currently 35 qualified employees.

    The company produces about half of the annual turnover of the Slovenian market, the other half in the other EU countries.

    The company is organized as a l.l.c. and is 100% privately owned.



    Fusion of materials with innovative laser microstructuring

    Torek, 23. maj 2023

    LaserFusion - Fusion of materials with innovative laser...

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